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Administrative staff

Inspection workflow - all documents to administrative staff

All documents to your assigned administrative staff. 

Note: Remember photos must be uploaded to the Hansen application via the attachment tab.


Warning notice, Final Notice of Violation(fnov), Extension, Citation...

Note: Only the code enforcement officer can approve an extension request.

A picture id is required i.e. license, etc. with the extension form.


Compliance date (i.e.14 days) or court date.

- Compliance dates can vary. However the Survey application is set for 14 days. 

- If you have written a citation

  a) Submit the with copy immediately to the administrative staff.

  b) Place the court date on your calendar

  c)  Meet with the attorney and team

  d) Perform an inspection before the court date


Survey upload by officer.

Survey is a geographical information system (GIS) application that stores your inspection results. Photos, activity date, case numbers, inspection numbers, violation address, owner address, pass/close, service type, comments, longitude, latitude, example provided.  


Inspection processed in Hansen by administrative staff.

Ideally Administrative staff transfer your inspection results from the Survey inspection upload the same day. If there is not a Survey inspection uploaded they must wait for signed paperwork from you to input/process to Hansen.


Hard copy folder and electronic documents.

Created and stored in the file room.​ All documents should be submitted to your administrative staff for your retrieval at a later date. Photos should be uploaded to Hansen and Survey.

Important links and info nuggets

1. Report a violation (311) – 404.687-3700

2. All citizen questions, dialogue and Open Records Report(ORR) -

3.Tax Commissioners page:

4. Internal information page for employees: http://indekalb/

5. Water page http://indekalb/?page_id=3673

6. Registry page: - vacant property

7. Hansen Test:

8. Hansen PROD-

9. sign in

10. Survey123 and Workforce sign in

11. Benchmark - court agenda - court agenda

12. Shared documents - The Code Data folder is in SharePoint now. You can disconnect the N:\ drive.

Here is the link to SharePoint. DeKalb County Planning & Sustainability - Code Data - All Documents (

13. Building wi-fi - Network DG-2.4 or DG-5  Password- county1807

14. Security desk - 404/687-3970

15. IT - 404/371-2363 or email DCHelpdesk ( Connections, mapping, etc.) 

The 'A' Team

Assigned Administrative staff 

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